About Us

Madrid, summer 2017. A small group of entrepreneurs got together thanks to their passion for driving cost reduction programs in the companies they had run or worked for. After a couple of productive sessions, the innovative concept “BD Sky” was born, offering specialised consulting and outsourcing services to enterprises of any size with the main objective of improving their margins.

We are independent!

We are proud to act as an independent consultancy to ensure we can analyse all market trends from a neutral standpoint, keeping the focus mainly on our customer needs.

For decades, the founding partners have successfully implemented a multitude of projects in several companies with a global footprint. We want to put all this experience at your disposal to achieve the same (or even better) results as we’ve done in the past for international conglomerates (represented in Ibex, Dow, DAX, etc.).

Your BD Sky Team!

We’ve set the target to maintain a minimal organisational and operational structure in order to be able to offer you our described services at very efficient and attractive budgeting levels and therefore our services should be accessible by any company size.

BD Sky is an experienced player!

Our dedicated team has more than 20 years of experience within the described focus areas. The team is made up of highly motivated employees with totally different personalities …. From the Visionary, the Entrepreneur, the Thinker, the Mechanic, the Performer up to the Dreamer mind-set. All combined, we are able to construct a collaborative working environment with  the main target being to deliver best in class solutions to our valuable customers.

Your BD Sky Team!