Business Travel – one of the most dynamic and challenging areas in every organisation. You either get loved or hated by your internal stakeholders because everyone assumes he/she knows and understand everything about Business Travel. On top of that, the industry is rapidly changing, questioning the past and offering several trends which you don’t really know if they are important to either jump on or wait until the next one.


We at BD Sky are able to provide you complete guidance related to building an appropriate Business Travel Program tailor-made to your travel volume and most important to your travel behaviours. We assess where and how you will be able to save money, putting your interest in front of all the recommendations from several Business Travel industry actors. Therefore, we simply act as an independent consultant, aiming to bring the biggest value to your enterprise.


When we are sharing our vision with several customers, we kindly advise that you remain focused on those activities which are core to your business nature. Your organisation should remain designed for that and there is indeed no need of adding further layers. You should be counting on external expertise and therefore take advantage of our long term knowledge in Business Travel, and if desired, allow us to drive some of the Business Travel related processes on your behalf.

Your BD Sky Team!

BD Sky Business Travel focus areas:

  • Design of Business Travel Strategy
  • Setup of Business Travel guidance/policy
  • Category Management: Air, Lodging, Car rental, Travel Mgt. Company (TMC), Credit card payment, Ground Services, etc.
  • Travel Spend analysis (more details under Big Data)
  • Outsourcing Sourcing operations (negotiation with suppliers, e-auction, Price benchmarking, etc.)
  • Initiatives to reduce or optimise company expenses in Business Travel
  • Generate strategic vision for Business Travel
  • Rebates processing
  • Outsourcing of procurement RFP services or processes (BPO) for air, hotel, car rental, etc.
  • Design of clearly defined organisational structure
  • Analysis of traveler behaviours (more details under Big Data)