We are more than sure that you’ve might have already heard about numerous activities in the Strategic Sourcing / Procurement areas, all of them aiming to save you money, to better control the spend, perhaps to improve the vendor relationships, etc. We can definitely say that most of the activities are important. However, our objection is mainly related to the real importance to get all of the offered activities implemented in every organisation.

Not all enterprises have either the need nor the capability of running by their own the “latest bundle” of Strategic Sourcing activities on their own.

We at BD Sky can help you to build up or to redesign a unique sourcing structure, tailor-made to your enterprise. This entails not only driving short term, simple cost out initiatives, but we also emphasise in building a collaborative environment between your internal stakeholders and external service partners to ensure long term Strategic Sourcing effectiveness. Based on our own experience, without their involvement and support in driving the required changes, it will simply not work.

When we are sharing our vision with several customers, we kindly advise that you should remain focused on those activities which are core to your business nature. Your organisation should remain designed for that and there is indeed no need for adding further layers. You should be counting on external expertise and therefore take advantage of our Sourcing Services approach and if desired, allow us to drive some of the sourcing processes on your behalf.

Your BD Sky Team!

BD Sky Sourcing Services focus areas:

  • Sourcing Strategy
  • Sourcing Transformation
  • Category Strategy & Management: IT, Fleet, Services (HR, Finance, others), Travel, etc.
  • Spend analysis (more details under Big Data)
  • Sourcing operations (RFP processing, e-auction, invoice benchmarking, etc.)
  • Outsourcing of Sourcing processes
  • Price benchmarking
  • Initiatives to reduce or optimise company expenses in different areas
  • Generate strategic vision or transformation of the Sourcing dept.
  • Rebates processing
  • Outsourcing of Sourcing services or processes (BPO)
  • Design of clearly defined organisational structure