Fleet – indeed another challenging area in every organisation. You have to be engaged with your most important internal stakeholders, starting with the HR community and also with the driver community. The first group does not want to hear complaints, and the others, which are in the field, want to receive the best car and service. Both groups do not really care about the total costs of managing Fleet. On top of that, the industry is rapidly transforming, questioning the previous vehicle engine setup and trying to offer new trends which you are not sure if it is possible to implement due to infrastructure constraints. Finally, the financial landscape is also signalling interest rate changes in coming years. How then can the Fleet Manager drive cost reduction projects?


We at BD Sky are able to provide you complete guidance related to building an appropriate Fleet Program tailor-made to your business needs. We assess you where and how you will be able to save money, putting your interest in front of all the recommendations from Fleet industry actors. Therefore, we simply act as an independent consultant, aiming to bring the biggest value to your enterprise.


When we are sharing our vision with several customers, we kindly advise that you remain focused on those activities which are core to your business nature. Your organisation should remain designed for that and there is indeed no need of adding further layers. You should be counting on external expertise and therefore take advantage of our long term knowledge in Fleet Management, and if desired, allow us to drive some of the Fleet Management related processes on your behalf.

Your BD Sky Team!

BD Sky Fleet Management focus areas:

  • Design of Fleet Strategy
  • Setup of Fleet policy
  • Category Management: Car manufacturers (OEM’S), Leasing companies, Car rental companies, Fleet Management companies, Fuel card program, Insurance companies, Repair Service companies, etc.
  • Fleet analysis (more details under Big Data)
  • Fleet Contract Management (more details under Contract Mgt.)
  • Outsourcing Sourcing operations (negotiation with suppliers, e-auction, Price benchmarking, etc.)
  • Invoice benchmarking
  • Initiatives to reduce or optimise company expenses in Fleet
  • Generate strategic vision / policy for Fleet
  • Rebates processing
  • Outsourcing of procurement RFP services or processes (BPO) for OEMs, leasing companies, car rental, fleet management providers, fuel card programs, insurance, repair services, etc.
  • Design of clearly defined organisational structure
  • Analysis of fleet behaviours (more details under Big Data)