How often were you chased by colleagues and suppliers about immediate contract expiration? In some cases, you even were not informed about pricing and service changes as they were discussed without your involvement. Or even worse, you never heard about the service type and the related costs.

We know very well how painful the contract lifecycle process can be, mainly driven by high internal administrative costs to keep the process sustainable, which 75% of the cases is not productive at all.

We at BD Sky are able to support you in building a unique Contract Management process which allows you to maintain control of all signed agreements without spending a lot of time.

When we are sharing our vision with several customers, we kindly advise that you remain focused on those activities which are core to your business nature. Your organisation should remain designed for that and there is indeed no need of adding further layers. You should be counting on external expertise, therefore take advantage of our long term knowledge in Contract Management, and desired, allow us to drive some of the Contract Management related processes on your behalf.

Your BD Sky Team!

BD Sky Contract Management focus areas:

  • Contract Management setup by categories, service types, etc.
  • Active follow up on contract terms (start/end date, contract ownership, etc.)
  • Active supplier contract & services review
  • Provide financial insights of contract portfolio
  • Centralised and active management of contracts with suppliers
  • Strategic setup of supplier management
  • Greater control of expenses and risks of the company