Putting your business data into a different perspective it can deliver a wide number of innovative suggestions which could help your organisation to drive either simple cost reduction initiatives, or even launch a complex change processes within your organisation.

Business data like for example company spend data, business travel data, even your Fleet data are providing insightful information about the company DNA, not only as a cost figure (when analysed from a financial perspective).

Through our state of the art process roadmap we are able to consolidate data from different sources and by running further analysis of your Big Data we will be able to provide you a tool to better understand the internal behaviours of your organisation linked to the services and costs received through external partners. The defined parameters will influence your future decision how you will be running your business operations.

When we are sharing our vision with several customers, we kindly advise that you remain focused on those activities which are core to your business nature. Your organisation should remain designed for that and there is indeed no need of adding further layers. You should be counting on external expertise and therefore take advantage of our long term knowledge in Big Data analysis, and if desired, allow us to drive some of the Big Data related processes on your behalf.

Your BD Sky Team!

BD Sky Big Data focus areas

  • Spend data analytics by categories (data consolidation and analytics)
  • Travel data analytics (data consolidation and analytics)
  • Fleet data analytics (data consolidation and analytics)
  • RFP analytics (consolidation and analytics by behaviours)
  • Logistics analytics
  • Identification of cost optimisation initiatives through data analysis
  • Analysis of behaviour matrix for different areas
  • Setup of behavioural matrix by Cost structure
  • Generating a strategic vision for future contract negotiations
  • Comparison of framework agreements and sales figures