Market Intro Support (MIS)

We know that targeting international companies with complex organisational structure can be a tricky business.

We also know that being part of sophisticated RFP processes without external support can be very challenging. And even worse, in some cases you were not able to join the final stage of RFP processes.

You definitely need a clear and helpful guidance to ensure you can improve your position in front of your competitors and be heard by potential customers.

We at BD Sky can advise you on an effective strategy for entering new markets, how to approach RFP processes, how to improve your position and credibility in front of future clients and be sure that you are awarded with more agreements.


Through comprehensive customer data analysis and intelligent interpretation, we can identify future opportunities to maximise your potential and support you to unveil innovative initiatives for your customers.


Our objective is simple, by exchanging market insights, you should be able to increase your sales volumes and profits.

Your BD Sky Team!